I live in Atlanta with a Shiba named Lawson. I wait tables and write stories I don't get paid for.

Spider-man, mountain biking, and video games. Occasional bears and sexy ladies.

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I don’t really blog much here. But here goes.

I’ve started back Paleo again.  My body just feels so much more lean and efficient when I am feeding it what it needs.  I took a two month break and felt like crap a majority of the time.  I feel like my ankle is almost healed.  I read it takes two months for a torn ligament to fully heal.  I’ve regain pretty much all movement, but it is still tight at times and occasionally causes pain.  I have 10 days until it is 2 months since the injury happened.  If it isn’t almost better around that time, I guess I’ll go see a doctor.

I went a couple rounds with my heavy  bag yesterday.  It felt really good, I think once I get settled into my new place(have to be moved out by August 30th) I’ll take some boxing classes to work on my form.  It’s been almost a year since my surgery, and I think I am ready to start pushing my body again.